This work I did for our group show in the cookhouse gallery. It is an experiment to explore the possibilities of archiving the information related to the problems facing by 3 traditional job sectors and its relation to the environmental problems facing in my state. The fishing, coir making, and farming industries. Also, I am exploring how data itself can act as a material for art-making.

For this, I interviewed a farmer, fisherman, and 2 coir makers from Kerala and recorded their vocal statement, where they are describing the crisis they are going through. And also, I printed out screenshots related to this issue from the internet. I displayed the printouts and played the voice recordings at the same time. I overlapped all 3 voices together and mixed it with the voice of recent natural disasters occurred in Kerala.

I also used some cement debris on the floor to ignite the thought of some disaster. along with this I used 3 books partially covered in cement forming a brick. I used 3 books one by Karl Marx, Chomsky and Hegel respectively. I did this to give a hint or a path for the spectator to get into the work.


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